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 Autodesk Maya 2018 (eng)

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Hozzászólások száma : 37997
Születésnapod : 1990. Mar. 04.
Regisztrált: : 2016. Dec. 06.

TémanyitásTárgy: Autodesk Maya 2018 (eng)   2018-01-15, 00:51

Autodesk Maya 2018 (Eng)
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Autodesk Maya 2018 (Eng)|1.45 GB
Autodesk Maya - a product for 3D animation, modeling, rendering and compositing Maya®️ provides a universal set of functionalities for computer 3D animation, modeling and rendering based on an easily expandable production platform. Maya provides tools for creating high-quality characters and effects, as well as improving performance for performing modeling tasks, working with textures, and creating tinting modules.

The main functions of Autodesk Maya:
• Accelerated modeling workflow. Achieve high performance with accelerated modeling procedures for polygons.
• Scene composition tools that work with intelligent data. New scene composition tools make it easy to create large, complex worlds.
3D animation
· Tools for general animation Tools for animation for keyframes.
· Creation of characters Skinning, rigging and poses of trustworthy characters.
· Setting the sequence of frames Fast pre-visualization and production of virtual films.
· Grease Pencil Draw animated labels directly in 3D scenes.
· Centering and symmetry of connections The connections are automatically centered in the grid.

3D modeling
· Simulation of networks with polygons and sub-grids. Intuitive tools for creating and editing grids.
· Surface modeling Create mathematically smooth surfaces.
· UV-textures, normals and color coding Optimized workflows for creating and editing UV.
· Accelerated modeling workflow An advanced integrated set of functionalities.

3D rendering and image processing
· Built-in rendering modules There is a choice of a wide range of integrated rendering modules.
· Maya Composite High-performance compositing system with HDR support.

Animation Based on 3D scenes, you can create animated animations.
· Monitor the camera at a professional level Computer graphics elements can be inserted into dynamic frames.
· Species screens and shading of the new generation. The work is carried out in an interactive environment with high visual quality.
· Superficial and volumetric attributes Paint Effects Controls how the strokes interact Pain Effects.
· Improved Node Editor More convenient creation, editing and debugging of nodes networks.
· Maya nHair Highly realistic locks of hair and other dynamics based on curves.
· Maya nParticles Simulation of complex 3D visual effects.
· Maya nCloth Creation of realistic deforming materials.
· Maya Fluid Effects Simulation of the atmosphere, liquids and water surfaces.
· Dynamics of solid and amorphous bodies. Modeling of various solid and flexible objects.
· Maya Fur Creation of the effect of grass, hair and fur.

Workflow integration
· Scripts and API Maya adapts scripts and APIs.
· Integration of 2D and 3D Optimization of work processes increases the quality of work.
· Data and Scene Management The product can efficiently handle large amounts.
· Scene composition tools that work with intelligent data. Large, complex worlds are created with less effort.
· Improved file path processing Fast and easy diagnostics and correction of incorrect paths.

What's new in Autodesk Maya:
Top 10 features for Autodesk? S Maya 2018:
1 - Improvement of Maya Software and hardware for rendering: If Autodesk has a renderer that does not need any new features and needs to buy. renderer, instream of having a renderer "just in case" wich no one uses.
2 - Faster loading of files: Maya 2016 loaded files twice faster than Maya 2017.
3 - Free batch render with Arnold: this sound more like a dream, but hey ... Dorothy went back to Kansas; how do you sell Maya as a final product? that? sa total lie, shame on you Autodesk.
4 - Faster dynamics for hair and ncloth: at the moment creating a hair description with interactive grooming, even if the hairs have not been animated the time slider is if they were animated.
5 - Faster Wrap deformer: while working with tight cloth, wrap deformer does 10 times a better work than bind and does not require infinite hours to correct weights, binding cloth and copy weights and correcting weights does an awesome job but the price is a slower timeslider, this is a problem
6 - Improved bind, and paint weights tool: Autodesk tried to fix this claim by adding Delta Mush, but the reality is that Delta mush affects all the figure, while paint weights its a more precise tool, its a boring, long, time consuming process, Maya should replace completly this tool for a better, faster way of working, you might simply create vertex masks and apply them to selected joint and blending bettwen them, .
7 - Improved joints: since 2015 joints got a bit of an improvement, but since many designers have created flexi sistems, and more complex ways of rigging, Maya should have improved joints to be able to streach, follow next or previous joint off and on , etc.
8 - a far modern workspace: panels could autohide to enable a larger viewport, the view cube should work on any viewport, pressing space could create a cooler multimenu, etc.
9 - Open multi projects on the same session at the same time: Maya sesions at the same time Maya sesions at the same time, but the reality is that you need a lot of memory to handle several Maya sesions at the same time, and having a simple menu that allows you to change the amount of memory that you need.
10 - Pose editor to work with any object: just you can make an object, if it could interpolate not just binded meshes, but between meshes, nurvs, without joints, this could be the future of rigging to change its shape.
System requirements:
Autodesk®️ Maya®️ 2018 software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum,
requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:
· Operating System: Microsoft®️ Windows®️ 7 (SP1) and Windows®️ 10 Professional Operating System (64-bit only)
· Browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
· CPU: 64-bit Intel®️ or AMD®️ multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
· RAM: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
· Disk Space: GB of free disk space for install

Title: Autodesk Maya 2018 (Eng)
Year of manufacture: 2017
OS: Windows®️ 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit only)
Language: English
Medicine: Included
Size: 1.45 GB

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Autodesk Maya 2018 (eng)
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