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 Hirschmann Industrial Hivision 07.0.03 (multi / Rus / Eng)

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Hozzászólások száma : 37997
Születésnapod : 1990. Mar. 04.
Regisztrált: : 2016. Dec. 06.

TémanyitásTárgy: Hirschmann Industrial Hivision 07.0.03 (multi / Rus / Eng)   2018-01-14, 16:48

Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 07.0.03 (MULTI / RUS / ENG)
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Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 07.0.03 (MULTI / RUS / ENG)|319 Mb
Industrial HiVision - software package for complex visual monitoring and management of an industrial Ethernet network. The software package Industrial HiVision recognizes active network equipment and automatically displays on the screen the current network topology in the form of a graphic mimic with switches (and other devices), as well as communication lines.

Software in real time displays on the screen any status changes, failures in cables or devices, keeps them written, statistics. By selecting the elements of the mimic diagram, the operator can quickly monitor and set the parameters of the equipment.

Additional Information:
• HiVision Industrial is compatible with all Hirschmann equipment, as well as a wide range of third-party communication equipment. The software works with the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) from the IEEE 802.1 AB standard, and recognizes the hardware that supports this protocol. Thus, HiVision Industrial gives the operator maximum information about network devices, their location in the network, the order and method of connection, from the routers to the PLC controllers.
• With a graphical representation of the network, you can easily monitor the status of devices, ports, and connections. Any error is easily detected due to the hierarchical representation of the project, all objects above the faulty state will display an error condition.

Key Features:
· Intuitive graphical interface without command lines
· Automatically recognizes the most complex redundant network structures
· Automatic hardware search by IP ranges and own detection protocol Hirschmann HiDiscovery
· Rich possibilities to refine the interactive map of the network (for example, the substrate of the scheme of the shop where the network is located, the assignment of custom "icons" for active devices, etc.)
· Support for HiDiscovery, ICMP, SNMP v 1/2/3 protocols
· Generation of alarms, reactions to an event, execution of scripts, maintenance of "logs"
· Monitoring of the status (including power, active cooling) of active devices, individual ports, communication lines, traffic statistics, etc.
· Managing individual devices by integrating with HiVision, a Web browser, etc.
· Integrated OPC server for integration with enterprise SCADA system
Functional composition:
· Base of pre-installed «tags» for the entered IP-address of the device
· Custom "tags" for monitoring parameters that are not included in the standard "tags"
· "SNMP trap" - processing of error messages
· Automatic search for SNMP-compatible devices on the network
· Viewer program for "tags" and SNMP-MIB values
· SNMP data collection, interpretation and visualization tool
· PING function for network devices.

The program includes such opportunities as:
• Auto-Discovery (automatic scanning of network and network devices status)
support for SNMP Traps, the ability to send SMS and e-mail messages.
for configuration and advanced diagnostics, an interface is provided with HiVision 6.2, web-browser and TELNET.
Graphical display of the network with the possibility of a territorial plan substrate for greater consistency.
The product is an acceptable solution even for small networks. its cost depends on the number of monitored IP-addresses.
• The inaccuracy of the status information may entail large time and money costs for the industrial network, especially when data on network devices or infrastructure components should be displayed in real time during operation. The most common causes of network failures are environmental conditions such as temperature changes; cable breakage; drop in voltage at source; or mechanical impact. Industrial HiVision allows you to track:
· The state of the device,
· Communication status (cable break, initialization),
· The state of power sources and cooling system,
· Availability by ICMP (Ping) and SNMP.
· When building a network, the administrator has such capabilities as: querying for errors, finding bottlenecks, optimizing the network or applications, this reduces costs and increases network security.

Industrial HiVision supports basic device configuration functions:
· Prescribing IP parameters
· Assignment of stations receiving trap messages
· Assigning SNMP access rights

Release Notes:
• New features in version 07.0.03
Fingerprint verification for remote GUI
See chapter "Additions to the manual"

• Fixes in version 07.0.03
"Home View" button now resets event display and VLAN filter
Security relevant fixes (Additional information in separate Issue List).
An update is recommended.
Name: Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 07.0.03 (MULTI / RUS / ENG)
Year of manufacture: 2017
OS: Windows®️ 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2008 R2
Language: Multilanguage / Русский / English
Medicine: Included (reset-trial)
Size: 319 Mb

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Hirschmann Industrial Hivision 07.0.03 (multi / Rus / Eng)
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