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 Airslax 5.9 Pro Repack I486 X86 (2016) Eng / Rus

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Hozzászólások száma : 37997
Születésnapod : 1990. Mar. 04.
Regisztrált: : 2016. Dec. 05.

TémanyitásTárgy: Airslax 5.9 Pro Repack I486 X86 (2016) Eng / Rus   2018-01-14, 01:32

AirSlax 5.9 Pro RePack i486 x86 (2016) ENG / RUS
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AirSlax 5.9 Pro RePack i486 x86 (2016) ENG / RUS|507.93 MB
This program is designed for scanning and further use of Wi-Fi networks. Its capabilities: at startup scans all possible channels of the air, finds and intercepts the target, disconnects the client and, analyzing the data, selects the password, saves the results. And the utility gives the opportunity to hack networks with both ways of encryption - WEP and WPA. In addition, it is able to find access points with WPS authentication and select the Pin code. This version is actually a Live USB / CD with an operating system on the Linux kernel.

Features of AirSlax 5.9 PRO:
- Interception and selection of passwords for WiFi networks with all types of encryption.
- Starting with USB Flash - The operating system installed on your computer does not matter and is completely safe, because all data and changes are written to the USB flash drive.
- Support for a large number of WiFi adapters for interception.
- Use the power of the video card to match the passwords WPA / WPA2, which allows you to increase the speed of selection in tens and hundreds of times.

Support for GPU:
Choose a password using video cards:

Installing AirSlax 5.9 PRO:
- Copy the contents of the AirSlax 5.9 PRORepack folder to a USB flash drive.
- Go to the boot directory and run the installer (There are versions for Windows and Linux).
- Boot from the USB flash drive.

What's New:
- Added the item of automatic selection of Pixie WPS.
- Updates of programs for interception and password selection:
aircrack-ng - 2853 (increased, by 10-15%, speed of password selection)
pixiewps - 54
reaver - 107
- Added item (p.10.4, 10.5) of automatic selection Pixie WPS - automatic scanning and verification of all available points supporting the WPS protocol.
Common for WPA / WPA2 and WEP
1. Scanning
2. Goal selection
3. Interception

1. Scan the broadcast, see who is around, with what level of signal, encryption and other characteristics.
2. Choose the target for the attack. The points with the best signal at the bottom of the list.
3. Start the interception of the selected target.

Further, the algorithm for hacking networks with WEP and WPA / WPA2 encryption is divided:

In terms of hacking, the WPA and WPA2 networks are no different.
4. Disconnecting the client
5. Select WPA password
6. Save the result

4. Disable the client selected in clause 2 to re-connect it to HANDSHAKE (handshake - this is the 4 data packets that the access point and the client exchange when communicating.) The handheld contains the password in the encrypted form.)
5. We select the password, to the intercepted handshake on the dictionary. A file with a handheld can be selected from previously saved ones. The dictionary can be selected from the list of dictionaries in the dict folder.
6. The intercepted handshake can be saved to match the password. When intercepting, especially long-term, a lot of useless information is accumulated in the cap-file (simply garbage), when saving the file is cleared of all unnecessary and stored in the folder result,


7. WEP password selection

7. At this point, everything happens automatically. The main task for selecting a WEP password is to collect as many DATA packets as possible (#Data field in the "Intercept" window)
First, the "Authorization" window is launched (in order for the point to take us for "its own"). In most cases, authorization occurs very quickly, so this window can zip in less than a second. Next, the "ARP-requests" window is launched (these requests cause the point to send DATA packets in response, which are used to select the password), and a password selection window. Attempts to select a password are carried out through every 5000 collected DATA-packets.


8. Scanning WPS
9. Selection of a WPS PIN

8. Scan the air for the presence of points that support WPS connection
9. Choose the program (Reaver old, Bully newer, in some cases one works better, in some others) and we select the PIN code. In the case of a successful selection, the program must give a password for connecting to the WiFi network (regardless of the complexity of the password itself)
PS Vulnerability is known for a long time. Many manufacturers of access points have released new firmware with patches, so on the access points with new firmware this method does not work, or it takes too long to select.

10. Auto-search and interception.

10. Choose the interception of networks, or only with WPA encryption (if your goal is to quickly collect a handshake), or all, with encryption and WEP and WPA (because collecting the packets and selecting a password for the WEP network can take 10-20 minutes).

88. Change the MAC address.

88. Change the MAC address of the WiFi card to random (generated by the program), the selected client (selected through step 2), or manually set.


99. Exit

99. As a protection against accidental closure, the program stops working only in p. 99 Exit.

Software name: AirSlax 5.9 Pro Repack
Year of manufacture: 2016
Version: 5.9
Interface: Russian, English
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1. / Linux -
Kernel: 3.19.8
System: Porteus
System version: 3.1.
Architecture: i486 (x86)
Medicine: cured
Size: 507.93 MB

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Airslax 5.9 Pro Repack I486 X86 (2016) Eng / Rus
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